Expert Outdoor Living Space Services In Big Rapids, MI

What’s included in our outdoor living space services?

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the use of your outdoor space while making it comfortable for day-to-day use, you need a good outdoor living space! These areas are perfect for spending time outdoors, hosting a variety of events at your home, and making use of your lawn where you weren’t before. Our services allow you to be part of the design process, giving you a chance to have your hand in everything. Once construction starts, you’ll rely on our team to communicate with you regarding the entire process, and soon you’ll have a beautiful space outside to call yours!

Covered outdoor living space in Big Rapids

Why use Bartons Cutting Edge for my landscape?

  • Our company provides our customers with many landscape services to benefit each area of your lawn
  • Everyone pays attention to every detail in every job we do, from the biggest down to the smallest
  • You’ll find us to be a very trustworthy company experienced in the business, making us reliable to everyone
  • We are professional in every way but still committed to being kind to everyone

What are the benefits of quality outdoor living spaces?

You and the family will spend more time outside

Everyone should get outside as often as they can to soak up some vitamin-filled sun rays and appreciate the sights of their surroundings. With outdoor spaces, you can enjoy nature from your backyard or have a relaxing place to read a book. You’ll notice less anxiety and stress but better blood pressure and mood after some outdoor time!

Your home’s value will increase greatly

Any additions or positive renovations you make to your home are going to do amazing things for its overall value. If you’re hoping to sell your house in the future more easily or simply want to increase the value, building an outdoor living space can increase it by up to 12.4%! This rise will attract more potential buyers and add more to the sale at the end of the process.

You’ll be able to increase the usability of your lawn

Your lawn has the potential to become an oasis for you and your family, a place to have everything you want in one spot. If you can design an outdoor space that suits your needs and wants, you’re going to enjoy your home a lot more. In addition, you’ll maximize the existing space in ways you haven’t dreamt were possible before!

Covered outdoor living space in Big Rapids

What else can Bartons do for my lawn?

Lawn maintenance, drainage repairs, and flower bed maintenance are all awesome ways to spruce up your landscape!

These services will get your lawn to a better place and keep it there for years to come. If this sounds nice to you, it might be time to ensure they’re done regularly so you can have your “perfect landscape!”

  • Lawn Maintenance – taking care of trimming, edging, and mowing all comes together to create a manicured lawn. Regular maintenance is key in keeping your lawn from becoming overgrown and unhealthy!
  • Drainage Repairs – drainage is essential for keeping your landscape from becoming flooded and waterlogged. It can’t do its job if broken, so making appropriate repairs is important!
  • Flower Bed Maintenance – your flowerbeds, are a beautiful, striking feature on your landscape that can be a dream! However, they must be consistently cared for and groomed to stay beautiful and striking.

Bartons is always here for you when you need help improving your landscape and bringing it to a higher standard you can be proud of. We primarily focus on friendly service and work hard to make a good name for ourselves!

Quality lawn care and seasonal services from a name you can trust!


The Barton's team is passionate about their local community and love serving residents in Big Rapids, Newaygo County, and Canadian Lakes, MI. Jason and his team are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience with unmatched quality services. These include lawn care, landscaping, lawn maintenance, aeration, flower bed maintenance, mulching, seasonal clean ups, and more. Their top priority remains client satisfaction and they always go the extra mile to ensure a perfect result. Over the years they have become a name you can trust in Canadian Lakes, Big Rapids, and Newaygo County.

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