Exceptional Landscaping in Canadian Lakes, Newaygo County, and Big Rapids, MI

What is included in our landscaping services?

Our landscaping services make your property more dynamic by adding height, texture, and color to your scenery. We offer mulching, shrub trimming, flower bed installations and maintenance, to add style to your landscape.


Why choose Barton’s Cutting Edge, LLC?

  • Our customers and our quality of service matter most to us.
  • As local residents of White Cloud, MI, we are proud supporters of our local Michigan communities. We love being able to improve the areas we love, every day, with each new project!.
  • Our team always keeps our appointments and works as efficiently as possible to deliver services in a timely manner. We also only hire friendly and personable staff to ensure that we can remain a name you can trust for professionalism.
  • We want our clients to feel good about the people working to maintain their property. Our trustworthy team members all pass background checks and are reliable people.  Our team is licensed and insured, leaving less for our clients to worry about!

Why is landscaping so important?

It upgrades the style of your property.

When we maintain your landscaping, we make sure to pay close attention to the details. Adding color with flower beds or mulch makes your space more appealing. Mulch also adds texture to the landscape. We can also properly trim your shrubs to add the finishing touches to your landscape. When the full project is done, the pristine results speak for themselves.

Your plant life will be thriving.

When plants and soil are properly maintained, they can reach their optimal growth pattern. The mulch we add only further improves the soil by preventing weeds and adding nutrients. This ultimately benefits the health of the entire landscape. When the shrubs are regularly trimmed, it contributes to their vitality by removing damaged branches or those blocking growth.

It raises your property value.

If you are thinking about selling your home, think about taking care of your landscaping first. A perfectly maintained landscape increases property value by adding curb appeal. This makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.


Considering hiring someone to do your landscaping? Think about these factors:

Landscaping takes a lot of time.

The average person does not have time in their schedule to maintain the perfect landscape. Some of the work is required on a fairly consistent basis and it can be difficult to find the time to complete all the necessary tasks. By letting someone else maintain your landscape, you can make time to do something more enjoyable.

Professional people yield professional results.

If you have no experience maintaining your landscaping, it can be challenging to use so many different techniques. If you damage your plant life, you will spend more time and money fixing the problems you created. By hiring professionals, you can get the results you deserve without any of the hassle.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted name in landscaping in Newaygo County, Canadian Lakes, and Big Rapids, MI.


The Barton's team is passionate about their local community and love serving residents in Big Rapids, Newaygo County, and Canadian Lakes, MI. Jason and his team are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience with unmatched quality services. These include lawn care, landscaping, lawn maintenance, aeration, flower bed maintenance, mulching, seasonal clean ups, and more. Their top priority remains client satisfaction and they always go the extra mile to ensure a perfect result. Over the years they have become a name you can trust in Canadian Lakes, Big Rapids, and Newaygo County.

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