Superior lawn maintenance, lawn care, and landscaping in Newaygo County, MI and its surrounding areas.

Wondering where the name Newaygo came from? The county is named after a Chippewa Indian chief who signed the Treaty of Saginaw, way back in 1812.  His name was Naw-wa-goo.  This county is breathtaking! It has more than 230 natural lakes.  It also is composed of more than 350 miles of streams and rivers.  If you like water recreation, consider a trip to Newaygo County!  Many people who visit, end up staying for good!

Bartons Cutting Edge, LLC, is a locally owned and family operated lawn care and landscaping business. Jason Barton and Erin, his wife, are proud residents of Newaygo County. They have a love of all things outdoors, especially boating. For these reasons, they have a soft spot for Newaygo County! They are passionate about providing its residents with quality services.

What can we do for your Newaygo County property?

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance results speak for themselves. Our services include mowing, trimming, and edging. When we are finished, we blow off all hard services to ensure a perfect look with no clippings left behind!


By adding more color, texture, and height to your landscape, we can provide a major style upgrade. Our landscaping services include shrub trimming, flower bed maintenance, and mulching.

Lawn Care

We want to help your lawn reach its full potential! By applying lawn care applications and fertilizer, in addition to removing weeds, we can ensure your grass is healthier than ever before.


Once we add mulch to your soil, it will be protected from a variety of dangers. From harsh temperatures, to unwanted plant life, mulch guards your soil from damage. This only further benefits your plant life. It also increases the overall style of your property.

Drainage Repairs

When it comes to repairing drainage issues, Barton’s Cutting Edge is a name you can trust! We will carefully install drain tile and reslope your yard to prevent washout and erosion damage.


If you want a perfect lawn, aeration is the way to go! By creating holes in the soil, we can reverse damage done by soil compaction. Once the soil plugs are removed, the nutrients, air, and water can reach the soil and grass roots to ensure optimal growth.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Colorful and bright flowers are so appealing to the eyes. We can add style to your property by installing new flower beds or maintaining the ones you already have on your property!

Bartons Cutting Edge, LLC is proud to be a trusted name for landscaping, lawn care, lawn maintenance, and more in Newaygo County, MI.


The Barton's team is passionate about their local community and love serving residents in Big Rapids, Newaygo County, and Canadian Lakes, MI. Jason and his team are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience with unmatched quality services. These include lawn care, landscaping, lawn maintenance, aeration, flower bed maintenance, mulching, seasonal clean ups, and more. Their top priority remains client satisfaction and they always go the extra mile to ensure a perfect result. Over the years they have become a name you can trust in Canadian Lakes, Big Rapids, and Newaygo County.

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