The highest quality lawn maintenance, lawn care, and landscaping in Big Rapids, MI and its surrounding areas.

The city of Big Rapids was named for its close location to the Muskegon River.  Today it  is the home to over 13,000 students who attend Ferris State University. The school and its students add culture and diversity to the region.  Big Rapids also takes pride in being home to many different industrial companies.  Products used all over the world originate from factories right here in Big Rapids!

Jason Barton, the owner of Bartons Cutting Edge, LLC, and his wife,Erin, are proud Michigan residents.  Born and raised in White Cloud, Jason loves providing superior quality and customer service to the residents of communities near his hometown. His love for the industry began at the age of eight, when he cut his first lawn.  His skills and experience have grown exponentially since then and he is ready to share them with the residents of Big Rapids!

What are some of the services we can provide to your Big Rapids property?

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance services include mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing hard surfaces to clear the area once the work is done. Our team carefully checks our work and makes sure to address each detail so that the results are perfect when we are finished!


We can add color, texture, height, and most of all, style, to your landscape. We carefully apply mulch, maintain flower beds, and trim shrubs until your property is nothing short of perfection!

Lawn Care

Our team can help your lawn to thrive! We can apply fertilizer, lawn care applications, and weed removal techniques to improve the health of your grass. Fertilizer adds nutrients to help your grass grow thicker and stronger. Our weed control services help prevent weeds from stealing your lawn’s much needed nutrients.


Mulching increases the style of your property, while improving the soil conditions. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture while protecting it from harsh temperatures and weeds attempting to spread.

Drainage Repairs

Drainage issues can easily destroy your yard! Our team can repair erosion and washout by installing drain tile and resloping the yard. Say goodbye to the issues caused by excess water!


By creating small holes in your lawn, we can help water, air, and much needed nutrients get to your soil and grass roots. Removing these soil plugs reverses the damage of soil compaction and leads to a luscious lawn.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Bright, colorful flowers can add so much to your property. They even make it look friendlier and more inviting! We can install new flower beds or maintain the ones you have.

We are proud to be a name you can trust for outdoor services in Big Rapids, MI and its surrounding areas!


The Barton's team is passionate about their local community and love serving residents in Big Rapids, Newaygo County, and Canadian Lakes, MI. Jason and his team are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience with unmatched quality services. These include lawn care, landscaping, lawn maintenance, aeration, flower bed maintenance, mulching, seasonal clean ups, and more. Their top priority remains client satisfaction and they always go the extra mile to ensure a perfect result. Over the years they have become a name you can trust in Canadian Lakes, Big Rapids, and Newaygo County.

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