Barton’s Cutting Edge helped us design a new landscaping plan and replace some of our 20+ year landscaping. We are very happy with the new design. We have been a customer for several years. They spread our 17 yards of mulch also.

Vicki Bieber


I’ve been using Barton’s Cutting Edge for several years and they’re always doing a great job for me. They do more than yard work; snow plowing and firewood, too.

John Schondelmayer

Our HOA hired Barton’s this winter to plow our private roads. They make the extra effort to not push snow into driveways and their services are very timely and responsive. We highly recommend Barton’s

Ottawa Pointe

We have used Barton’s for 2 years now for mulching. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them!!


Been with them for three years. Nice to work with. They do what they tell you they are going to do. Looking forward for more years. Thanks a ton. Susan Mys

Ozzie Voodoo